These 6 Latin Food Bloggers are Putting a Spin In The Kitchen

Feeling a bit uninspired in the cocina lately, Mujeristas? We’ve got you covered with these inspiring Latina cocineras who whip up dishes that have seriously yummy Latin flare. Here are six of our favorite Latina food bloggers who motivate us to cook at home more often with the spices and flavors of our ancestral cuisine.

Marnely Michelle Murray of Cooking With Books

Murray is a Dominican sous chef and food writer based in Martha's Vineyard. She left the Dominican Republic to pursue her dreams of becoming a pastry chef when she was 24. “I was inspired by mami, who would bake treats todos los dias for us–her baking passion was what ignited my own.” Murray also grew up eating innovative Latin-inspired dishes with lots of sabor such as saucy stewed eggplant with ripe madras mixed in.

Lately, Murray’s favorite dishes to make are Mangu, Jackfruit Tostones Nachos, Sweet Plantain and Shrimp Tacos, and Plantain Sausage Hash. She’s all about finding ways make her abuelas traditional meals while updating them to be a bit more healthy–like not every fruit smoothie needs to be made with leche evaporada.

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Cecilia Flores of Coco Verde Vegan

Flores is the chef and co-owner of Coco Verde, Latino Vegan Kitchen with her husband. The Dominican duo is based in Boston and creates vegan renditions of the most beloved Latino dishes. They’ve veganized all sorts of meals with mouth-watering results. Flores says that it’s important for her to share the process of switching to a plant-based diet so that others wouldn’t feel as lost as she did the beginning. For her, eating should be “all about finding the right balance that brings you happiness in terms of your physical, emotional, and mental health.”

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Alexis Marie Montoya of The Bronx Vegan

Puerto Rican and Peruvian Montoya is all about exploring the feasibility of veganism through recipes and reviews of Bronx vegan-friendly eateries. She draws inspiration from her culture to veganize foods in a way that allows folks to enjoy traditional flavors with a plant-based twist. She’s recently been making loads of Peruvian Tallarines Verdes, Lomo Saltado, and Vegan Pastelillo.

She sees food as a means to nourish. “Veganism has forced me to approach food in a more mindful way, considering what goes into a dish and how that meal impacts not only me but our earth and livelihood,” says Montoya.

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Alejandra Graf of Brown Sugar and Vanilla

Mexican-American Graf is a professional plant-based cook living in Houston. Her bilingual vegan food blog shares simple recipes for tasty food that nourishes the mind, body, and soul. “We use tons of superfoods in Latin cuisine. Cilantro, fresh salsas, cacao, fruits, plantains, etc. Start using more cilantro, more fresh herbs, and that gives a healthy boost to dishes. A good salsa can make magic in even the most boring dish ever,” suggests Graf.

She loves to prepare Mexican lentil soup, sopes cooked in a skillet rather than fried, and instead of frying them I cook them over a skillet, and baked enchiladas.

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Candy Calderon

Calderon is a Dominican certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach based between Miami, Philly, and New York City. She’s passionate about helping others learn to lead healthier lives through the healing powers of food. She’s a big believer in the benefits of the alkaline diet and making healthy eating a lifestyle, as opposed to just a fad diet.

“Stay as close to Mother Nature as possible. Decolonize your diet,” suggests Calderon to implement healthy eating habits. Her favorite dishes to make are Quinoa Moro and Avocado-Mango Lentil Salad.

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Jessica van Dop DeJesús of The Dining Traveler

This food-obsessed Puertorriqueña lives in Washington D.C. has traveled to over 50 countries but still loves to prepare dishes with Latin flare. She can’t resist a good piña colada but makes hers with frozen pineapple, Silk Coconut milk, a bit of agave, and rum.

“One of my favorite dishes of all time is ensalada de pulpo which is just cooked octopus, red onions, tomatoes, olives in a bed of lettuce drizzled with EVOO. Another favorite dish is camarones al ajillo. We also have a dish called gazpacho in Puerto Rico. It's not the cold soup in Spain, rather a salad with cod and avocado,” she says.

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Written by Lola Méndez


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