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Latina Equal Pay Day and the Power of Unions

Latina Equal Pay Day is not only a day to draw attention to wage disparity between Latinas and their non-Hispanic white male counterparts at large, but also to think about how to level the playing field for the Latinas earning the least.

By Lyanne Alfaro

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Not This Again: Depictions of Latinas in the Media

Latina women are stereotyped as the "cantina girl", the" suffering señorita", and/or the "vamp" in media. Phyllis addresses the importance of having more than a singular type of story told about our community.

By Phyllis Tonna

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How Yvette DeChavez Survived Academia Part 3

Trigger Warning: Suicide
In Part 3, Yvette recounts experiencing mental health issues, shame, and feelings of inadequacy as a grad student in a predominantly white PhD program; describing how her pain led her to self-destructive behaviors. Then when she was ready to make a change, tragedy struck.

By Yvette DeChavez

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