Marivette: We Got un Nuevo Look


Bienvenidos to the relaunch.

The Mujerista celebrated its first birthday earlier this year, and I wanted to gift it something special for all that it has done for me. Something that would allow it to stand on its own. Make it legit. Have a voice. Its own identity.

With the amount of purpose this space has provided me and the community we are building around it, it is more than well deserved.

When we launched a year and a half ago, all we had in terms of branding materials was a logo. I had picked out a set of colors that reminded me of Latin America’s rich culture and history. Then built The Mujerista around these items. For the website, I settled on a template. I did all that I could with this template to make it our own, but it always fell flat in conveying our message. ‘It’s okay,’ I reassured myself. ‘For now, it will do.’

Throughout this last year, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been playing around with the identity of the brand—trying to figure out who she was. I realized that our original color palette and aesthetic was dull and severe. Our logo began to feel out-of-date. The website was borderline lifeless. There was no excitement in the brand. So, I began to experiment by utilizing brighter colors, bolder font choices, a playful and modern tone. It resonated. I continued on this track; however, The Mujerista’s identity soon became lost and unclear. It became whatever I was feeling that day, which is, as you know, no way to build a brand. Over and over again, I would tell myself that I need to make time to figure out and finalize an identity. But, over and over again, I failed to make the time.

I finally made the decision to ask for help. Through the Grow Wild Workshop by Violet tinder Studios, I met Edinah of Wildlogic. Together, we began to create a new vision for who The Mujerista is to become. Edinah worked with me to put my scattered thoughts and ideas into something tangible. She made me put into words the values and personality of The Mujerista and define our mission. I can never thank her enough for her dedication and commitment to bringing the spirit of The Mujerista to life. She understood the concept altogether, and was incredibly thorough and supportive throughout the whole process. Thank you a million times over, Edinah.

The Mujerista Website Launch.jpg

We created a style for The Mujerista that expresses the independent, spirited, innovative, and courageous nature of our community, combined with our roots in the magic city of Miami. This is visible in our chosen color palette, which includes the warm, tropical, luscious environment of Latin America and pastel skylines of Miami. Our logo is comprised of a primary logo and sub-mark. The main logo is The Mujerista written out in lower case letters in a bold and minimal font that is easy to read. It incorporates a slight wave-like movement in the text reminiscent of our original logo and the ocean currents of our hometown. Our sub-mark is a stylistic and gothic-inspired “m” that provides a level of modern sophistication and maturity to the brand.

Once we had the brand logo and aesthetic finalized, we moved forward with updating the website. We were determined to create a dynamic and interactive platform that was bold, bright, and elevated the experience for our community. It needs to convey our mission and values to each and every visitor. It needed to capture your attention and be easily navigated. It needed to set itself apart from everyone else. The home for The Mujerista.

Today, we’re launching a new experience for us to share together and continue to utilize as a platform for celebrating our community. I want to thank you for making this happen.

Un gran abrazo,