Miranda Morales Espinosa Speaks Out on Family Separations at the Border in "Freedom"


“Freedom” is about the current crisis where children are being held in concentration camps. I have been quiet about immigration because I am a Dreamer, and it does get scary. I couldn’t stay quiet anymore. I wanted to speak out because these children have been silenced and isolated. Their voices need to be heard, and if they can’t at the moment, then we need to yell for them.

An Open Letter

Remember: Family is a simple, complex root. Complex with all of its baggage. Simple with all of its love.
Love is greater than the complexity, so we accept them all. Different cultures. Different people. Different traditions.
The differences are what makes it all beautiful beyond the separations. Beyond the crying children. Beyond the women mourning. Beyond the brokenhearted families who don’t even know where their own children are.
That is what family is.
Familia es una bella cosa, pero, when they separate a child from their parent’s arms and home then it taints the root. But it will never taint the love. It will never taint everything the familia has built and lived for.
Those children will one day rise to be the beautiful human beings they already are.
Don’t forget about them because they are crying for freedom.
Children are crying for freedom in their own country. Not for toys or materialistic things that don’t matter.
For Freedom. 
Can you hear them?
Please, tell me you can because their family is still searching for their cry, for their well-being, por su amor.
Please, listen because their strength is what is holding them together.
They need their mami and papi’s love. They need to know everything is going to be okay, but we cannot promise that unless we have people who are fighting for the freedom they cry for.
Please, help us help them. They just want to go home.
Home to their familia. Home is where their family is, and home to them will always be United States of America.
This is their home, so please help us help them to go home. They just want to go home.
Don’t you feel their pain as they’re crying for home.
For their mamis and papis.
For their hermanitas and hermanitos. 
For Freedom.




Miranda Morales Espinosa is a self-published writer, student, and dancer. As she’s setting her place in this world, Miranda has found her purpose through writing. It swims through various topics based on personal experience such as love, heartbreak, mental health, friendships, adversities, et cetera. With the encouraging praises from her family, friends, and professors, Miranda found the courage to pursue her purpose. On November 11 of 2017, she self-published her first book, Wonderfully Gracious Woman. It goes deep into a much-needed self-love journey. Miranda published it because there may be people who need it, the message it sends, or to know whatever they are going/went through is valid. Something she believes in is that people as individuals need to realize: their experiences, memories, emotions, pain, and perseverance are all valid.

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Bio Picture Credit: Sophia Morales Espinosa