What is the best advice your dad gave you?

Founder of  Stitch Lab , Karina Rosendo (left), and  Stitch Lab ’s fashion director, Camila Straschnoy (right).

Tu papá es muy inteligente. For Father’s Day, we asked our readers to share the best advice, wisdom, and lessons their father has ever given them.

  1. @girlgangwraps

Always make people respect you.

2. @yasminvsqz

Work hard so no one has the right to say that you owe them anything or everything.

3. @chrisssbabe___

Que importa lo que piensa la gente? Ellos que vivan su vida y vos la tuya.

4. @lyannealfaro

Agarra el toro por los cuernos. AKA: Face your biggest challenges head on.

5. @abilingualcounselor

After a hard breakup he told me, “Estas para que the rueben. No para estar rogando.”

6. @alinadc15

Always be proud of who you are.

7. @bookwormweirdo

Be humble, you never know who you are going to need help from.

8. @katpriscilla

Never let coworkers or bosses disrespect you. Your mental health and dignity comes first.

9. @csocho

La vida es solo una. Animo, chilota.

10. @chris_cam

Echale ganas.

11. @ _mossteph

Piensa en la solución, no en el problema.

12. Jennyfer Para (@turnthepicto)

When you come to me with a problem, start thinking of the solution first.

Love is simple.