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What it takes to get buy-in from a tiburona: an interview with Rokk3r CMO Andrea Arnau, an investor on Shark Tank Colombia

“…Everyone needs to do a better job at educating Latinos to understand that entrepreneurship is something that they can aspire to and that it is something with no limitations.”

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Uruguay’s real-life persecution of political prisoners in film ‘A Twelve-Year Night’ is a stark reminder of journalist’s father’s oppression during dictatorship
Japanese-Venezuelan artist Marina Marqueza creates messages of healing and self-love through their music

“Just existing as a queer person of color in music spaces can be exhausting…I can say that the more vulnerable I am, the stronger I become, and I feel the most unstoppable when I am being as honest about my challenges as my triumphs.'‘

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This Latina Couldn’t Find an Empowering Space for WOC, So She Created One

Denise Hernandez launched Chingona Fest TX to unite fellow women of color through music, art, food, culture, and comradery.

By Christine Bolaños

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