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Record-breaking flames are destroying the Amazon Rainforest—here’s how you can help

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for three weeks with fires raging across Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Learn how these record-breaking flames started and how you can take action to help.

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Uruguay’s real-life persecution of political prisoners in film ‘A Twelve-Year Night’ is a stark reminder of journalist’s father’s oppression during dictatorship
Japanese-Venezuelan artist Marina Marqueza creates messages of healing and self-love through their music

“Just existing as a queer person of color in music spaces can be exhausting…I can say that the more vulnerable I am, the stronger I become, and I feel the most unstoppable when I am being as honest about my challenges as my triumphs.'‘

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Puerto Ricans unite in solidarity around the world calling for resignation of governor

For the last week, protests have rocked Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan. They’re calling for governor Ricardo Rosselló to resign due to his negligence and carelessness. So far, he’s refused to step down. 

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Death of trans asylum seeker, Johana Medina Leon, while in ICE custody once again shows human cost of broken immigration system

Attempting to escape the threat of violence in her home country, she set off for the United States. That decision, and the series of events that followed, ultimately cost her her life.

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