The Mujerista Cumple 1

feliz cumpleaños, Mujeristas.

No te creo.

This month marks The Mujerista’s first birthday. A year ago, I was sitting nervously on my couch (accompanied by the sounds of some Netflix series playing in the background), when I finally made the website live. Estoy segura that I shrieked in excitement (or perhaps it was terror) at mi novio, and then immediately texted mi amiga to let her know that I took her advice in publishing the site. For the rest of the noche, I found myself refreshing the home page over and over again; still contemplating whether or not this was a good idea. “Is anyone going to read this? Does anybody care? How is this going to work?”

Now, a year later, I have the answer to those questions: Si. Si. You’ll just have to figure it out. It’s only been a year so I’m trying not to get too ahead of myself, but when I think about where The Mujerista is today and where we’re headed into this coming year, it’s definitely all about the community that’s coming together. I always felt that spaces like this were desperately needed in the Latinx community, but how welcoming and engaged the community has been to The Mujerista was beyond any of my wildest expectations. In the last twelve months, so many of you have written in asking to be involved, to collaborate, to share with us a topic or mujer that we should cover, where we need to improve on, or how a certain story impacted you. All of it, cada uno de sus comments have motivated us. Between you all, our writers, readers, supporters, and everyone we have met along the way, we’re starting a movement that’s catching fire. More and more spaces built around the Latinx experiences are being created; more and more stories talking about the Latinx experiences are being told. That is why we started. With that being said, there’s still so much more work to be done. There’s a number of voices that we still have not heard. There’s a number of conversations that we collectively need to have. Some will be complicated, tough, others empowering and uplifting—all of them will have purpose because it’s about connecting and celebrating the community through authenticity and not mierda.

When The Mujerista started, it was on my couch. Sometimes my kitchen or bed, and many times in between breaks at work. In just a couple of weeks, it will be out of our very own space in Miami that will be opened up to the Mujeristas out there with their own journeys and dreams to fulfill. We’ll be there helping other mujeres build, unite and learn with one another. We’ll have events and panel discussions that address issues that affect different groups; taking The Mujerista beyond the internet and to face to face interactions. The hope is to grow this, involve you in it even more, take it where we are wanted, and especially where we are not. Be mujeres en revolt por todo el mundo.

The Mujerista is a year old. It would not be without you. Thank you. Mil veces thank you.

Mujer en revolt,