Latinx Podcasts We're Subscribed To (And You Should Be Too)

We’re tuning you into some of the podcasts that we hit that subscribe button to. You know? The ones that got us feeling like we’re chismeando and discutiendo with our gal pals.

¡Oye! We got some podcasts to fill your library with featuring some of the dopest Latinxs behind the mic. They got us listening in on discussions over Latinx identity and experiences, motherhood, spirituality, mental health, politics, entertainment and culture. Each shares the wide ranging perspectives and stories of the Latinx community and beyond, while making us feel right at home, seen, heard, and represented. 



Estephanie and Lina are the hilarious and thought-provoking duo that make up the Bag Ladiez podcast. The co-hosts are both Bronx natives of Afro-Dominican descent that are "just tryna be better and make you better too, join ussssss as we try to get rid of our baggage cuz deadass that stuff is heavy af." In their episodes, they have unpacked some serious topics like mental health, the #TimesUp movement, anti-blackness and racism, self-improvement, and current political events, while managing to make us smile and laugh in the process. They share their opinions from their authentic and real as fuck perspectives. Expletives included. These ladies let you right in; making you feel like you're kicking it with your homegirls while discussing some important subject matters. 




Ruben Angel (QueerXicanoChisme) and Cassandra (Xicanisma) are the hosts of Bitter Brown Femmes-- where they "aim to dismantle -isms while running their mouth." The Chicanx duo are both activists that joined forces to explore identity, intersectionality, machismo, Latinx and Chicanx issues; provide commentary on social injustice, pop culture, race in the Latinx community. Episode after episode, the hosts delve into what feels like an open and candid dissertation on Latinidad y la cultura. They effortlessly manage to navigate between deep, intellectual topics on subjects typically considered as taboo in the culture and fun, engaging chisme without skipping a beat. 



Just about every week you can count on hosts Myte and Fried Papita to drop an episode on representation in media; covering everything from television, film, music, comics, award shows, entertainment...they're going through it thoroughly. They describe their show as, "two queer Latinxs sitting on a couch, searching for the best representation in the media one concha and cafecito at a time." We're pretty freaking obsessed with everything film, television, and music so this podcast has become our go-to for what we should watch next and add to our Spotify playlist. Their down to earth and conversational approach while insightfully dissecting different entertainment mediums, never comes off as snobbish, but as one cabrona and one chingona passionately sharing their interpretations, recommendations, and perspectives on media.




Writer and activist Cat Lantigua created her podcast with the aim of "empowering women and enabling millennial greatness." Each episode is a journey in the footsteps of either the inspiring creative featured or of her own personal path to a fulfilled and meaningful life. Her show presents a raw and real look into the millennial experience from the perspectives of actual millennials; giving a voice to a generation constantly generalized and stereotyped by its peers.  Her ability to convey her vulnerability through audio is unmatched, and her profound wisdom and dialogues leaves you feeling understood, inspired, and ready to take on the future that awaits.




Cynthia and Yvette provide a high level discourse on court cases, current events, and personal politics from the viewpoint of two Latinas "from working class, immigrant families navigating law school." Their show is a critical analysis on law, justice systems, significant court cases, and the individuals directly affected by the laws and rulings imposed on them by governments, while keeping listeners up to date with their personal navigation through the legal world. Their topics have ranged from immigration, bankruptcy, the role laws play in constructing race; abortion, discrimination, Fair Housing Act, police brutality; sharing a thorough historical look of different laws and regulations and their impact on society.




Hosts Mala Muñoz and Diosa Femme is a "radiophonic novela" that "celebrates the experiences, brilliance, creativity and legacies of femmes and womxn of color." Through their podcast, Mala and Diosa have really created a community where they discuss femmeness and race, mental health, tech, gender experience, sexuality, and spirituality with listeners by not just coming to them through the speakers, but by also setting up live podcast recordings, workshops, and meet-ups. These "mamis of myth and bullshit" deconstruct the notion of who or what a mujer is and make us understand the importance to create our own narrative and definition. 




Childhood friends Cindy and Nathalie embrace their inner bruja, talk sex and culture in this feminist podcast. These bad and bruja babes interview Latina bosses (such as the Ivy Queen, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Lizza Monet-Morales); discussing  their entrepreneurial or creative endeavors and their spirituality. They bring a fun, vibrant, and positive energy to their episodes while discussing feminine divinity, sexuality, energies, and spirituality and how they can intertwine with our relationships, careers, mental health, and trauma. Each episode feels like you're reconnecting with yourself; like a healing hour with your brujita friends. Keep sending us those good vibes, girls.




Co-hosted by two Latinx friends with wildly different music tastes, Verónica Bayetti Flores and Miriam Zoila Pérez basically curate for us a radio hour of Latinx artists and música that they can't get enough of. Their episodes have introduced us to emerging artists, music from throughout Latin America, and have taken us way way back. Their show is brilliantly put together, each episode being almost like a themed playlist focused on a certain genre, Latin American country, what you would hear at a bodega, based around holidays, feelings, or from novelas, or dedicated to instruments...they've got you covered for any and every pachanga. Seriously. They've got the soundtrack to your past, present, and future life waiting to be played.




Sisters, and now also mommies, Bricia and Paulina Lopez host Super Mamás - a weekly podcast centered around motherhood from a Latina perspective. They celebrate what it means to be a mother (the beauty and struggles of it), share parenting tips, and the experiences they as well as their guests have gone through. It is an incredibly inspiring and eye-opening showfilled with lots of love, laughter, and learning curves. They openly talk about it all, from birth stories, miscarriages, being a single  mom, how to manage/organize, adoption, "shitty mom moments," postpartum depression, staying fit, skin care, raising children bilingual.....literally everything. It's such an honest and enlightening series for not just mothers or mothers to be, but for all women in general. They pridely show the immense superpower of motherhood.




Brenda and Melinna are the hosts of the Tamarindo podcast, described as, "Latinx voices at the intersection of politics and pop culture, dishing out comedic and critical interventions." They focus on culture, gender, politics, race, and representation; bringing forth refreshing and informative commentary while keeping the vibe energetic and exciting. After each listen, you can't help but feel more woke on current events and on Latinxs doing the damn thing. The hosts have a wonderful way of making you feel incredibly proud and to fully explore our roots through their interviews, topics, banter, and segments (who/what would get the chancla and what makes your heart "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom").