5 Statement Tees for Showing Off Tu Latina Pride


Nosotras somos orgullosamente Latina, and honestly, we want todo el mundo to know. 

We put together 5 of our go-to statement tees for letting the gente know that we are unapologetically Latina. All of the featured statement tees are made for and by Latina jefas and are each a must-have for our closets. Take a look at our round-up, then make sure to shop these tees and wear them loud and proud. Plus, you'll be supporting some super increíble chicas that inspire us to be who we are 24/7.

On the left: Jane the virgin's Gina rodriguez wearing Jen Zeano Designs' Latina power tee. On the right: refinery 29's serena kerrigan wearing the latina power tee in soft pink.

Jen Zeano Designs' Soft Pink Latina Power Tee

Jen Zeano's Latina Power tee is everything. Need proof? This tee has been worn by some of our Latina celebrities idols like Gina Rodriguez (seen above on the right) and Aimee Carrero! Plus, was been featured on Hello Giggles and PopSugar. Jen is a Mexicana and created the tee as a direct response to the 2016 presidential election, saying, "I cried of fear and anger, but after a few days I realized: I am a woman, a strong ass-kicking Latina and will fight for what's right. Let's put our voices and hearts together and be the best generation of women this country has ever seen."  

Daughter Of An Immigrant's signature statement tee in white text on a black 100% cotton short-sleeve.

Daughter Of An Immigrant's Daughter Of An Immigrant Short-Sleeve Tee

To describe Daughter Of An Immigrant's signature statement tee as inspirational is an understatement. This shirt speaks volume to so many of us, as for so many of us, the story of immigration hits close to home and makes up a part of who we are. It tells the story of families who gave up everything in hopes for a better future for themselves and their children. This bold tee is an important message, especially during this time, where immigrants are being harassed and oppressed. It is a heartfelt and strong dedication to immigrant parents everywhere.

GreenBoxShop's Proud Latinx Tee on the left and Proud Latina Tee on the right (seen here worn by founder kayla ROBINSON).

GreenBoxShop's Proud Latina Tee and Proud Latinx Tee

Founder Kayla Robinson (shown above wearing her tee) is an Afro-Latina who in April 2016 launched a line of empowering statement slogan t-shirts from an 800 square foot apartment. Today, her brand has amassed over 122k followers on Instagram and has seen her tees worn by musicians, like singers Frank Ocean, Kehlani, and Lauren Jauregui. Her Proud Latina tee and Proud Latinx tee pretty much sum up how we feel all the time about our cultural roots and makes the message loud and clear: We are here. We are proud. 

The Future Is Latina's The Future Is Latina Tee WORN BY @RAQWITHME ON THE LEFT AND @quianama on the right.

The Future Is Latina's The Future Is Latina Tee

This D.C. based etsy shop’s mission "lives and breathes to empower our fellow Latinas, and work to reclaim Spanish slang wth traditional negative connotations through statement shirts, pins, and more." Their The Future Is Latina shirt shows that the future looks bright, and is a play on the popular "The Future Is Female" shirt design made for Labyris Books, the first women’s bookstore in New York City. Seen on Latina comedian and actress Cristela Alonzo, this tee is an empowering statement for Latinas that tells everyone we are NOT going anywhere. 

KGNY Collections' Latinas Tee WORN BY @ashlrivera, @TESSSCECYL , AND @AISRM94.

KGNY Collections' Latinas Tee

If it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year then KGNY Collections' Latinas Tee will be there for you ;) Sorry not sorry that we did that. Inspired by the iconic 90s Friends television sitcom's logo, this tee is a fun addition to your statement tee wardrobe--especially if you're looking for something that feels a bit nostalgic. To us, this tee's design is meant to be a representation of the camaraderie between Latinas and we're all for it.