Alamar Cosmetics Celebrates Cuban Culture and Beauty in New Makeup Line

With years of experience working for top global makeup brand MAC Cosmetics, Glamsquad artistry's team of beauty professionals, and as beauty subscription Boxycharm's in-house makeup artist and social media specialist, make-up artist Gabriela Trujillo, or GabyTeeMUA, is now upping the beauty game with her very own cosmetic line, Alamar. At just 25 years old, Cuban-born and Miami raised Trujillo launched the makeup line in early May; drawing inspiration from her Cuban heritage. She emphasizes throughout her brand story the idea of staying grounded to her culture and the ultimate aspiration "to inspire others to learn new things, adapt, change, evolve, but never forget that there's beauty and inspiration in your very own roots." It's a strikingly beautiful sentiment to remember each time your applying the latest trend or your everyday makeup routine, and one that is clearly visible and flawlessly executed in in the name, colors, and feel of her line. 

Trujillo's Alamar launched with two summer essential items: her The Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 eyeshadow palette (that is sure to be your next obsesión with its 8 highly pigmented creamy mattes, shimmers and metallic shades) and The Ojitos Brush Trio (a set of 3 eyeshadow brushes that complement the palette and perfect for creating tremendo eye looks). In just a little over a month, she's already amassed more than 40,000 followers on her brand's Instagram page (@alamarcosmetics) and support from some of the biggest beauty influencers like KathleenLights, Jackie Aina, and BeautyyBird. ¡Dale, Gaby!

We got to chat with the beautiful Gabriela; diving deeper into the inspiration behind her brand and about being Latina. Plus, she shared with us her secret to the perfect cafecito! 

Cuéntanos a little bit about yourself. How did you get into beauty?

My name is Gabriela, but everyone calls me Gaby. I was born in Cuba, but my family raised me in Hialeah, Florida (305 till I die). My mom worked in a beauty salon pretty much my entire life until she opened her own when I was fourteen. I was always obsessed with hair and makeup. I was the "go-to glam girl" for all my friends and family even when I was in middle school. Eventually, it manifested into a career. It's the only thing that has ever made sense to me. 

Where did your brand's name Alamar Cosmetics come from?

I decided to name my brand Alamar because it's the name of the town where I was born. It's a very urban low incoming housing barrio in Cuba. It's where my parents got married and created me!  

Tus raices Cubana is very present throughout your branding and products. Why was it important for your Cuban culture to be a part of your brand? 

I knew I wanted to reflect my culture in my brand because it is what truly inspires me and pushes me forward. I wanted to showcase the colors and energy that the Latinx culture has to offer. In turn, I hope it inspires everyone who comes across my brand to tap into their own roots for inspiration.

Above: Alamar's Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 Eyeshadow Palette (exterior cover) and The Ojitos Brush Trio on the left. On the right, interior of Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 Eyeshadow Palette.

There are many places to start with when launching a makeup line. Why did you decide to start with an eye shadow palette (The Reina del Caribe Vol. 1) and a brush set (The Ojitos Brush Trio)?

The Reina Del Caribe Vol.1 eyeshadow palette was my first baby! I knew I wanted to start my brand with a bright color story, and there was no better way to that than with a palette filled with vibrant, pigmented, buttery shadows. Then I had the idea for The Ojitos Brush Trio because I wanted people to have affordable yet high quality tools to apply their shadows with. 

Where did you find inspiration for The Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 palette? The shadow names, the colors...?

Honestly, my very own family! I wanted to include blues and gold tones because thats literally how the women in my family do their eyes. I love how our tias and abuelas are so bold with their color choices. When it came to the names I looked to my friends and family for inspiration and suggestions. I love working alongside as many bright, strong, creative women as possible! 

Is there a volume 2 in the works? Can you share any sneak peeks or pequeños secretos?

YES! All I can say about Volume 2 is that she is Volume 1's hot older sister, and she's candela! 

Above: Swatches of

What's been your favorite eye look created with your palette?favorite shadow combinations?

I love every single eye look I've seen using my palette! All of the shades are so vibrant and eye-catching--they look phenomenal on everyone! My favorite combination would probably be Celia all over the lid, with Coco-Taxi in the crease. It's tropical and cute, but still on the lighter side! 

Who are your Latina beauty muses?

I am completely obsessed with Karen Sarahi Gonzalez (IluvSarahii) as well as Kathleen Fuentes (Kathleenlights)!

Which Latina would you love to see wearing Alamar or collaborating with your brand?

My ultimate dream, as far as possible collaborations with my brand, is Camila Cabello! I would die of excitement if I ever made that happened! She was actually born in the town right next to Alamar called Cojimar. We were basically neighbors at one point in our lives! We were both raised in Miami...we're both Pisces! I feel like it's meant to happen! Haha!

What does being Latina mean to you?

When you're Latina, you learn right away that there is no problem too big for us to face head on. It means you have passion, strength, and above all else resilience in your blood. Being Latina means you are a force of nature. 

Current favorite beauty trend:

Blue eyeshadow! Best trend ever. 

How do you make the perfect cafecito?

I take this VERY seriously. You need to make sure there's enough sugar when whipping up your espumita because bitter coffee is disrespectful! If you think you have enough sugar, you're wrong! Add un poquito más!

Favorite Celia Cruz song:

La Vida Es Un Carnaval

What's next for Alamar? where do you hope to see your brand in the future?

Expansion. My goal right now is to offer fresh, unique, inclusive products at a reasonable price. I have a lot of new products in the making. The end of 2018 is going to be extremely eventful for us! We cannot wait to see what Alamar is capable of!

Learn more about Alamar here:
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