The Future is in Vulnerability


The future is female, and only someone who isn’t paying attention will even try to deny it. When women say this they’re emphasizing that the future is representative of us too.  Aside from that, do you want to know where the power of the future fully lies? It’s in vulnerability. In our ability to let our guard down, open ourselves up to others, and inadvertently give permission for others to be themselves. The solutions to our most pressing problems are extremely complex and no one has all the answers, but I believe vulnerability is always part of the antidote.

Growing up I often heard some variation of “afuera de la familia no se habla de cosas personales” and to some extent I get it - there are some private things that should be kept tight knit. But what about all of the other times? What about when you have questions or would like some advice from people other than those trying to shove one point of view down your throat? What happens then? Answers and wisdoms are around every corner. It’s very likely that someone out there will say exactly what you need to hear but the only way to get to them is by being vulnerable enough to find them. See, unlike how it’s typically framed, vulnerability isn’t a weakness. It’s actually extremely powerful because what it does is allow your soul to truly be itself - in whatever state it’s in. Whether it’s madly in love, fearful, confused or lost - vulnerability is the act of unrestricted soulful living.

If you’re vulnerable enough to say, “I’m scared” or “I’m lost” you immediately give others permission to assist. To join your journey, to be part of your narrative too. The beauty is you are true to yourself, and as a result other beings are then able to connect with who you really are. And as the universe may have it, you’re then given everything you need in order to thrive. Why? Because life rewards those who are brave enough to feel. Choosing fear and putting up a protective guard comes in handy sometimes, but there’s no life within the walls. You have to go beyond those walls to really live. The future we all want is here.
It lies in our ability to:

-unmask ourselves and face the world truthfully

-clarify perspectives by living in our purpose

-tune into our inner guidance

-heal through forgiveness

-aligning ourselves with our genuine desires

The healing we so deeply crave for all our coexistence starts with us. With our own unique life. The closer we get to understanding, forgiving, and healing ourselves the better we’ll be for society. Just imagine what would happen if we all truly embraced this. If we chose vulnerability everytime our lives weren’t in danger. I think that as people we’d be on another level of understanding because most conflict stems from a LACK of vulnerability. A lack of choosing to let our souls shine and instead opting for a lower level of interacting with others and the world. Think about how different social media would be if instead of pretending we were perfect all of the time, we were vulnerable. What would happen then is that we’d let people know how we were actually feeling and living, thus inviting them to fill us up with love and understanding.

Choosing to be vulnerable with yourself then others is the answer. It’s what our future desperately needs and it begins with you.

Right now.







Cat Lantigua is a Dominican-American writer and podcaster committed to empowering women and enabling millennial greatness. Through her various platforms she encourages and facilitates vulnerable and meaningful discussions to assist in broadening modern day perspectives. She candidly expresses her mind on social issues and publishes inspiring interviews with some of the worlds most promising women. She is inspired by the power of sisterhood and is dedicated to building one on and offline!

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