Hola #Mujerista


This is for us.

I'm Marivette. Founder of The Mujerista.
Damn, that feels good to say. 

This is a space for Latinas. A place to empower the future generations that will come to represent a significant portion of the world's population and a powerful contributor to economies worldwide. The future very much depends on the advancement of Latinas. Yet with so much ahead, Latinas continue to face numerous barriers and inequalities which damage our ability to develop and progress, from patriarchal or machista social structures to the underrepresentation of Latinas in the media. ¡Ya basta!

We are building something for us to openly share experiences (lo bueno y lo malo) in career, money, beauty, wellness, politics, activism, relationships, lifestyle, creative work...lo que sea. We are creating conversations that affect Latinas and are covered by Latinas. We are redefining what it means to be a Latina and reclaiming it on our own terms since society has taken the liberty to define it on our behalf. At The Mujerista, we are the makers of our own narratives, our Latinidad, our womanhood. This community is where we support and celebrate the power of Latinas. We hope to inform, inspire action, build relationships, explore significant topics, and make this a place where your voice is heard. 

So, this is for you. For me. For us. To encourage one another to rise up. To share our strength and ambitions. To talk. To get creative. To exist. 

Let's show them what we got. 


Mujer en revolt,



P.S.  We will always want to hear your stories and share them with our community. So, if you are interested in contributing written or creative pieces please contact me at marivette@themujerista.com to submit your work. Oh, and tell your friends about us.