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Dear Alexandria

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won New York’s 14th congressional district this November; becoming the youngest woman ever elected to Congress and an inspiration to many. Ayling penned a letter to the U.S. House of Representative member-elect, writing how Ocasio-Cortez encouraged her to also fight.

By Ayling Zulema Dominguez

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The Importance Of Mobilizing The Latinx Youth To Vote In The Midterms

The Latinx youth voter turnout, especially for midterms, is historically low. With the help of Mi Familia Vota, we’re learning why it’s our responsibility to vote and the impact mobilizing the Latinx youth can have on the future.

By Ana Defillo

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Introducing The Mujerista Mixtape, a Monthly Playlist of Latinx Sounds

Intro to our Mixtape, where we curate a playlist full of Latinx femme and non-binary musicians who are killing it in their genre.

By Isabella Gomez

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Julissa Arce Tells her Childhood Story of Immigration and the Sacrifices her Family Made for the American Dream in 'Someone Like Me'

Julissa Arce’s new memoir reflects on the experience she had as an immigrant child and the sacrifices her family made in order for their children to have a better life.

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Latinx Podcasts We're Subscribed To (And You Should Be Too)

We’re tuning you into some of the podcasts that we hit that subscribe button to. You know, the ones that got us feeling like we’re chismeando and discutiendo with our gal pals.

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Not This Again: Depictions of Latinas in the Media

There have been three images at the forefront of the media’s portrayal of Latinas. Latina women are stereotyped as the "cantina girl", the" suffering señorita", and/or the "vamp". Phyllis addresses the three images, and the importance of having more than a singular type of story told about our community.

By Phyllis Tonna

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I speak Spanish. ¿Y que?

In the last week, videos of Latinxs being harassed and threatened for speaking Spanish in the U.S. surfaced; showing the fear and intimidation being employed on our community in an attempt to silence us. Here’s why Marivette rejects their efforts and will continue to speak Spanish.

By Marivette

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What It Feels Like to Be Miles Away From Nicaragua Right Now

The Nicaraguan government is oppressing it’s people through censorship and violence. Over the last few days, protests have spread and the government has used deadly forced on demonstrators. In this piece, Gata, a Nicaraguan-American in D.C., describes what it’s like to watch the uprising from afar and through social media.

By Gata Jiron

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