Not This Again: Depictions of Latinas in the Media

There have been three images at the forefront of the media’s portrayal of Latinas. Latina women are stereotyped as the "cantina girl", the" suffering señorita", and/or the "vamp". Phyllis addresses the three images, and the importance of having more than a singular type of story told about our community.

By Phyllis Tonna

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Fight Like A Girl With Girl Gang Fight Gear

Colombiana Juliana Cardona started Girl Gang Fight Gear, a line of fight gear and apparel “for the girl that practices martial arts but also likes making a fashion statement.” She created her business after noticing a lack of fun and feminine options for female fighter babes. We talked to the Juliana to learn a little more about her brand y un poquito sobre the martial arts world.

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Alamar Cosmetics Celebrates Cuban Culture and Beauty in New Makeup Line

Make-up artist Gabriela Trujillo is now upping the beauty game with her very own cosmetic line, Alamarinspired by her Cuban heritage and culture. We got to chat with the beautiful Gabriela; diving deeper into the inspiration behind her brand, products, and about being Latina.

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I speak Spanish. ¿Y que?

In the last week, videos of Latinxs being harassed and threatened for speaking Spanish in the U.S. surfaced; showing the fear and intimidation being employed on our community in an attempt to silence us. Here’s why Marivette rejects their efforts and will continue to speak Spanish.

By Marivette

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How I Survived Academia Part 3

Trigger Warning: Suicide
In Part 3, Yvette recounts experiencing mental health issues, shame, and feelings of inadequacy as a grad student in a predominantly white PhD program; describing how her pain led her to self-destructive behaviors. Then when she was ready to make a change, tragedy struck.

By Yvette DeChavez

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What It Feels Like to Be Miles Away From Nicaragua Right Now

The Nicaraguan government is oppressing it’s people through censorship and violence. Over the last few days, protests have spread and the government has used deadly forced on demonstrators. In this piece, Gata, a Nicaraguan-American in D.C., describes what it’s like to watch the uprising from afar and through social media.

By Gata Jiron

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Latinas Struggle with Body Image Too

Juliana talks about an issue our community rarely seeks help on: body dysmorphia and disordered eating. She touches on her very own experiences and insecurities with her body, while pointing out that conversations our community has on our bodies "creates a mentality that teaches us to set our value as women based on what our bodies look like".

By Juliana Estrella

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10 Years

Isabeth's life and her relationship with her father has been marked by his 10 years of absence after he was deported for overstaying his visa and criminal record. In 10 Years, she shares the difficulties of their situation; growing older apart from one another, being at the periphery and excluded from social narratives, the unresolved feelings towards their reality, and how in her healing process she found her purpose.

By Isabeth Mendoza

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